Temporary Email - Best Assistant for The Developer

26 FEB 2021

Besides programming softwares and estimating their use-cases and scalability, testing is a very crucial factor that determines their success.

The technical team needs to test every aspect of a software including its frontend responsiveness, backend connectivity, database management, and the networking components such as embedded emails. This is a tedious process which requires a lot of time and external tools.

Companies have specific budgets allocated to software testing. Most of it is disbursed for external testing tools. In addition to this, developers also have to put in a lot of time and effort to find appropriate testing tools. Despite allocation of testing time, many developers have to readjust this time in other stages of software development, which is a huge tradeoff. Therefore, developers need a fast, cost-effective, and reliable tool for software testing.

When it comes to testing the efficiency of email service, testers and the developers need to examine the functionality in real world scenarios. They need to test components like timely newsletter, credential mails, authentication mails, OTPs, etc. Generally, developers don’t use their personal emails because they have limitations against spamming and mass emails.

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Advantages of using Tempemailco's temp mail email service

To test a software’s features, developers are gradually inclining towards temporary email services instead of paying for complex and monotonous testing tools. Given below are some advantages of using a temporary email service for software testing:

The best part associated with this service is that you don’t need to have a unique mailing address and there’s no need of entering any data (not even your name!) to use Temp Email. It is a fast and reliable disposable email service, which is useful for developers across the globe. Since there is no need for registration, developers can program an iterative script to test the software’s email features instead of entering the credentials manually. This automation cannot be done with services like gmail, yahoo mail, bing, etc because of restrictions in their APIs.

Developers can access an inbox in a matter of seconds and embed it into their testing environment. Moreover, Temp Email’s throwaway feature allows developers to use unlimited email addresses without worrying about the cost. Disposable email services have entirely changed the scenario of QA testing.

Another underrated advantage associated with disposable email is getting free services of certain developer tools. Many startups rely heavily on external APIs. Some APIs require email registration to use them. However, the providers spam the inbox with newsletters and promotional messages. In this case, developers use a temporary email address to gain access to an API.

A similar situation can be seen in the case of frontend developers and machine learning researchers. In order to download reference frontend templates or datasets, they prefer entering disposable email addresses instead of their personal credentials to avoid spam and unnecessary offers in their inbox.

Temporary email is undoubtedly the best assistant for a developer during software development and testing stages. By using services like Temp Email, developers can test features related to email in a secure, quick, and reliable manner.