How to Stay Anonymous on the Internet and Why You Need it

26 FEB 2021

Activists all around the globe are fighting against governments and conglomerates for data regulation laws to curb privacy intrusion.

People like Jillian York, Richard Stallman, Samer Hassan are constantly protesting against this. This is because these patrons are aware of the importance of private data and how it can have a major impact on people’s lives.

Experts can track your location and minute personal details from your digital footprint. The most common method hackers use is social engineering, which is done by accessing one’s email ID, phone number, IP address, and similar private information. To avoid being a victim of social engineering, you should try to maintain anonymity on the internet. Let us take a quick look at some ways to be anonymous on the internet.

if we don't act now to safeguard our privacy, we could all become victim of identity theft.

3 Effective ways to Maintain Internet Anonymity

Using Disposable Email IDs: Email is considered the backbone of a person’s online presence. It can completely expose a person if it gets in wrong hands. Therefore, experts suggest using a temporary email id for getting instant newsletters and availing temporary web services. Temp Mail is an alternative for your personal/professional email, which can get your work done without compromising your privacy. Moreover, leaving no digital footprint also helps maintain anonymity.

Using Email Relay: Temp mail inboxes are not available for a longer time, which could be an issue when you want to use them for a longer time. The solution to that is to use a email alias service.

VPN: Another measure taken to stay anonymous on the internet is to use VPN. AVPN allows you to mask your current location. Because your location is spoofed, the website you’re accessing can’t access your true locality. Moreover, VPN also encrypts information flow which makes your online activity completely hidden from others.

Incognito Tabs: Although this is a primitive way of staying anonymous, it is the easiest and most effective method. When you use a private tab, cookies and browsing history isn’t stored on your computer. This prevents companies from leaking private data that can easily be used for social engineering.

Why is there a need for anonymity?

People should understand the importance of the right to privacy and the need to stay anonymous on the internet. Staying anonymous on the internet by using disposable emails like Temp Mail and VPN services encourages independent use of the internet. Internet activists argue that anonymity is needed to maintain free flow of unbiased data. Many times, governments hide the truth from their citizens and persecute those who access it.

In addition to this, cyber police have seen a significant increase in the cases of online bullying, revenge porn, and identity theft. The main intention of the criminals behind committing these acts is to defame the victim’s identity. This occurs mainly because they have digital access to the victim's personal information, which they further use for maleficent purposes. Furthermore, staying anonymous is a crucial thing for whistleblowers, journalists, and people fighting against the wrongdoings of a regime.

We live in a world that is virtually connected with everybody who uses the internet. It has become an integral part of our lives. Therefore just like basic human rights, right to privacy and importance of staying anonymous should be propagated amongst the masses. Services like Temp Mail, Tor browser, and VPN are a positive sign for this revolution and people should consider using them for their mundane internet browsing sessions.